Connected Worker Platform

Agility is the New Advantage in Industrial Work

Parsable’s Connected Worker platform is how innovative industrial companies are preparing for the future today.

Parsable’s Connected Worker platform is helping our customers fuse quality and execution together to:

  • Build better products faster.
  • Create competitive cost effectively delivering a wider product and service assortment.
  • Eliminate time-wasting paper procedure distribution, training, separate data entry, and manual work analytics.
  • Continuously gather ideas for improving the work itself from employees and the work they do.
Why Consider a Connected Worker Platform

Why Consider a Connected Worker Platform

A Connected Worker platform connects workers to each other and to other industrial systems to create a seamless and continuously measured process for executing work.


Can you imagine the agility you could drive if everything you did produced data and insight like a continuous time & motion study?


Any business strategy or customer request becomes a “Can do.”

How a Connected Worker Platform Works

How a Connected Worker Platform Works

A Connected Worker platform allows you to leverage SaaS and Mobile devices to turn static procedures into dynamic systems with inline training, rich media collaboration, execution tracking, and work & process analytics.

We do this by: 

  • Helping you reengineer your work to take advantage of these modern, user-friendly platforms
  • Deploy and update these procedures on demand
  • Collect improvement ideas from your team
  • Clearly identify roadblocks and bottlenecks to better performance.

This simple infographic explains exactly how this works.


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