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Mobilize the Team


Mobilize the Team

Digitize your static paper-based processes and create interactive rich-media mobile SOPs.


32% of manufacturing workers want technology to make their lives easier in the workplace.

Execute Flawlessly, Every Time

Trigger automated actions in your key systems and machines, while collecting key operational data.


Clients have seen a 70%+ increase in procedural adherence with Parsable.

Execute Flawlessly Every Time


See Whats Trending


See What’s Trending

Capture process data, user feedback and machine readouts in real time and measure performance against baselines.


Mid-sized plants capture 30K+ workforce data points daily.

Learn and Grow on the Go

Transform how work gets done by analyzing your shift, site and company-wide processes.


60% of Industry 4.0 adopters said digital technologies helped them boost productivity.

Learn and Grow on the Go





Parsable in Action

Meal-kit delivery service Green Chef uses Parsable to gain better end-to-end visibility into its operations and identify long-term trends, ultimately helping them make better business decisions.

See Tangible Results in Weeks

50% decrease in start-up, shut-down and changeover times

56% reduction in size of procedures

4% increase in OEE

30% faster to train new operators

12-week time-to-value for first deployment, 6 weeks for third deployment

30,000+ new daily workforce data points for analysis

70%+ increase in procedural adherence

ROI in 4 months

85% of paper operations digitized