We are making it even easier to deploy Parsable across your enterprise



Improved Web Execution Experience

Improved Web
Execution Experience

Intuitive updates to the existing web execution experience



Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams

Frontline Work Connector for
Microsoft Teams

Parsable’s connector app for Microsoft Teams



Parsable Walkthroughs


Interactive, step-by-step instructional guides in Parsable

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Improved Web Execution Experience

Enjoy minor changes that make major improvements to the look and feel of the Web Execution tool.

Experience consistency

Use a look and feel that’s similar to Parsable’s iOS and Android apps.


Table Improvements

Click on Jobs or Issues and then the appropriate tab to find the prefered list of jobs or issues.


Step Detail Update

Click on a Job or Issue to open it to the details page where you will find minor improvements to the sizing and structure of the step details.


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Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams

Help the frontline and the back office work together better with a Parsable connector for Microsoft Teams.

Streamline collaboration

Post real-time updates and share critical frontline work details from Parsable jobs to Microsoft Teams channels.


Connect to any channel

Configure and customize channel-specific applets with just a few clicks.


Use and reuse connections

Build a library of reusable Parsable applets for each Microsoft Teams channel to be used across the enterprise.


Learn How to Enable Microsoft Teams

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Parsable Walkthroughs

Accelerate the deployment of Parsable at scale with step-by-step interactive instructions.

Learn by doing

Sharpen skill sets step by step and reinforce platform proficiency with unlimited on-demand access to role-based lessons.


Deploy faster

Shorten the time needed to train new users on tasks like adding team members, creating templates, planning jobs, and more.


Learn More About Walkthroughs

We've made it faster and easier to get work done in Parsable.