Ken Pulverman

Ken Pulverman is Parsable's Chief Marketing Officer. Here, Ken is essentially Superman: he serves as top marketing decision maker, lead generator, most frequent marketing content contributor, head of analytics, head of advertising, Parsable spokesperson, and more.


Prior to building out Parsable marketing initiatives, Ken led marketing for 4 previous startups (one of which IPO'ed and another which was acquired at a premium). Prior to this, Ken led product marketing for CRM at Oracle. He started his career in software at Siebel Systems working in alliances, solution marketing, and product management where he was recognized as product manager of the year.


Ken holds an MBA from the University of Michigan. Prior to business school, Ken worked in the express logistics industry for Stanford University, DHL, and TNT Express Worldwide where he was a business process engineer and quality auditor. He implemented ISO 9000, BPM, and TQM in operations facilities in multiple countries and business units. Ken holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from UC Davis.

ken bungie jumpingken bungie jumping
Fun Fact: Ken once dove off a perfectly good 185 foot bridge. Let's just say he is no stranger to risk.