Implementation and Execution

At Parsable, we employ U.S. military veterans to insert our systems into complex production lines. Their expertise in high level performance has provided us with a fundamental approach to implement our technology into your processes with minimum downtime. To do this, we utilize the same effective military execution that is used in combat missions. 

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By setting clear, measurable, and achievable goals, we align our product with your specific needs, driving direct production results. We identify all obstacles and consider all available resources based on tried and true strategies. With the data we collect, we develop a contingency-based course of action upon implementation. 

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From senior management down to the line worker, we brief the entire team so that everyone can fully understand the objectives, provide input within the process, and implement a successful procedure. 

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With the task at hand, we develop standards, cross-check operations, and provide execution rhythm for successful implementation within your process line. Realizing that there is always unforeseen deviations, we develop x-gap meetings to resolve any outlying problems.

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Once online, we debrief you with the challenges and lessons learned to further refine and optimize the current system. Mutual support from the entire chain of command is necessary to analyze and improve for future execution.

By fully understanding my customer from top to bottom, I can approach their enterprise with a viable solution that will not only meet their needs, but prepare their project for contingencies not yet discovered.

Adam Cohen Customer Success, Parsable, Inc.

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen has served onboard U.S. Navy destroyers, aircraft carriers, and hospital ships. Utilizing his command and control leadership, Parsable provides successful implementation of your complex enterprise systems. Learn more about Adam »

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