Thierry Chassaing is the VP of Engineering at Parsable. In his role, Thierry is responsible for engineering and global product support. What does this mean? In Thierry's own words, this means that he is “responsible for defining and executing the technology vision supporting the Parsable product as well as ensuring that the product performs according to the customers' expectations. This entails building world-class engineering and support teams and working with these teams to build the Parsable platform and support the customers.”


Thierry’s industry experience is extensive. In total, he has spent 25 years in the field: 6 in France and 19 in the U.S. Throughout these work experiences, Thierry has become an expert in managing product, engineering, and support functions within each company. His journey commences at IBM and expands to OCTel Communications, Openwave Systems, Danger, Nokia, Yahoo!, and ItsOn. Finally, and to our pleasure, Thierry made his way to Parsable. We congratulate Thierry on his wealth of experiences. What a journey!


Thierry is a world traveler. He is also quite the chef and enjoys cooking (french food, of course). One of Thierry's favorite past times is collecting wine: preferably Bordeaux, but he also admits that he enjoys some fine Napa wine as well.


Fun Fact: Thierry once hosted a full-scale wine tasting experience at Parsable SF. 


"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." - Elbert Hubbard