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We wanted to make Parsable easy-to-buy, but we realized we are in a new category of software that most companies might not have considered before. 

This guide breaks down the simple steps to consider, review and purchase a Connected Worker platform.

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Find out more about how you can quickly go Industry 4.0 at your factory by downloading this guide.

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Who Buys Parsable

A diverse group of company leadership and operations management approach Parsable about our platform. But these diverse buyers have a lot in common. Learn More »

Buying Process

Your company is certainly unique, but there are some common elements of the buying process you’ll likely go through. If you are the champion looking at new solutions, you’ll want to understand how this works. Learn More »

How Parsable Implementation Works

Implementation of Parsable is simple and straightforward. It is a breeze compared to other enterprise-class solutions you may have deployed. We’ve mapped out a set of steps we’ll take you through that are the fastest path to get you to value. Learn More »

 How to Choose Where to Start

How to Choose Where to Start

Choosing where to start may seem obvious, but we’ve learned what works best from both a business impact and cultural point of view and we’d like to share that with you. Learn More »

What You Need to Prepare

The perpetual advice in life is “begin with the end in mind.” It’s no different in software deployments, and we have a short list of things to start working on now to get you implemented fast without any delays. Learn More

5 Different Approaches to Digitizing Standard Work

5 Different Approaches to Digitizing Standard Work

For any job or process there is a best practice. This is known as Standard Work. Today, Standard Work is expressed digitally at the best companies and referring to instruction manually or collecting data manually introduces too much inefficiency in a world that is increasingly digitally connected. Learn More »

“We live to help companies see the value through demos, ROI calculations, and Proofs of Value.”

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