How to Choose Where to Start“Where should we start?” Customers ask us this often, and we tell them to focus on what’s important. What KPIs are you driving? Which ones are you having challenges with? What will make the most impact on your business right now? Which of these needles move the most if you perfect how your processes, driven by people, improve over time?

At the core of a digital transformation, you are not simply moving processes to digital. You are making work transparent for the purpose of improving it. This insight will be available real-time. If you want to affect change, some processes need to be monitored closely while they happen. Others require a thorough understanding over time to identify what is broken.

As an example, many manufacturers want to move the OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) KPI to increase the utilization of the expensive plant and equipment they have. We problem-solve with them to determine the contributing metrics that drive this KPI. The timeliness of maintenance, the total duration of changeovers, and the timely availability of supply are all things that could impact OEE, but at a company or plant specific level, there could be more contributing factors.

The other thing to think about is how you will set your gold standard in the first place. Some companies have a strong notion of a corporate procedure for every business process, and that may be working well or not so well. Others do the same work differently in every location. With the exception of the availability of certain equipment in certain countries and inherent labor laws, there is a best way to do any one business process in an industrial setting. If you don’t have a known best practice that you want to put into everyone’s pockets so they follow it and report on it, you may need to glean this from actual execution. In this case, we recommend rolling out a single approach in all locations or globally with input from different constituents. Then through the tight monitoring of actual execution, best practices emerge and a gold standard can be established that will then further improve over time.

At the core digital transformation and Parsable are all about helping you improve your results. We’ll work with your to identify the most impactful work, baseline where you are, and then help you establish how you can set a new gold standard for each critical process.