Sharing the Solution with Stakeholders

After a champion takes a look at Parsable, the typical scenario is the champion then shows the solution to other stakeholders as they’ll bring other perspectives and questions they’ll want to have answered. This can be a tedious process for well-intentioned champions, so we have prepared content to hopefully make this a lot easier.

They might want to know:

If you are a champion reading this guide, we have made it easy to share this content with your colleagues through the links within this section of the buying guide.

Going Deeper with a Demo

After basic information on the Parsable solution has been shared and stakeholder questions have been answered, a buying team often wants to see a demo in a group setting where they can ask further questions. The Parsable team can set this up on short notice remotely or come on site to do the same with a little advanced planning. Get Started »

Doing an In-depth Evaluation

For larger companies, an in-depth evaluation leading up a purchase includes the following key phases.

How Parsable Implementation Works1. Schedule Discovery Workshop 
2. Analyze Business Case & ROI
3. Execute Contract
4. Deployment Pre-Planning

 Schedule Discovery Workshop1. Schedule Discovery Workshop 

  • Conduct detailed on-site discovery for business & operations processes

  • Understand dependencies within each value chain assessment

In the discovery workshop, we meet with your team to establish a detailed understanding of your business and the relevant operations processes you are trying to modify or improve. We then seek to understand what the dependencies are in your value chain in order to drive the next phase of the evaluation, which is a detailed ROI model.

Analyze Business Case and ROI2. Analyze Business Case & ROI

  • Identify key business use cases and which KPIs to target

  • Develop & validate the ROI model based on use cases and processes

In the business case phase of the buying process, we work with you to match the KPIs you want to drive change against and develop an ROI model to define the value we can capture together specifically identifying the use cases and business processes we will initially tackle.

You may also choose to get some users testing the solution live in a short, contracted Proof of Value. We will create a Parsable environment for your company and advise you on the right profile for a group to initially test & deploy Parsable.

Execute Contract3. Execute Contract

  • Align on the initial scope and commercial terms of the program

  • Sign “Parsable Fast Start” agreement

In the contracting phase, our sales executives and leadership team works with the champion, the economic buyer, and possibly stakeholders to determine initial scope of the deployment and the commercial terms of the program.

The buyer then typically signs our “Parsable Fast Start” agreement designed to get you to your first win milestone quickly.

Example Fast Start Deployment

Parsable Fast Start Deployment

Deployment Pre-Planning4. Deployment Pre-Planning

  • Develop a high-level program roadmap & defined project plan
  • Mobilize deployment resources and procure mobile devices

In pre-deployment planning, we work with your team to develop a high-level program roadmap & a project plan. We then work through the logistics of who will staff the deployment team as well as finalize the procurement process for mobile devices.

“For larger companies, and in-depth evalutations leading up to a purchase includes these phases.”