It Starts with a Champion & a Clear Objective

When the buyer is a large corporation, we typically see a smart champion who is looking to help their function or their team satisfy a corporate objective. This individual typically reports to a head of operations, a C suite executive, or a senior IT leader who would make the ultimate decision. If the company approaching us is a smaller digital native company, the purchaser could be the CEO or just an empowered member of staff who is diving in to drive change.

In either case, they approach us with an objective in mind: to make their companies even better. The goal might be to:

  • Create more product offerings to grow top line revenue by diversifying their product lines
  • Reduce cost by making operations more efficient
  • Increase transparency by making operations more visible to senior leadership
  • Implement global standard processes to help grow the company or reduce waste and rework

The champion will help navigate the organization through a buying process to make sure that they are buying the right solution for the right challenge.

The Economic BuyerThe “Economic Buyer”

Once all stakeholders have been satisfied and the team agrees, a decision maker who holds the ultimate budget, generally known as the “economic buyer,” will make a decision based on the input of his or her team.

In large companies this could be:

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Senior Vice President of Operations

  • Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

  • Head of Field Operations

  • Head of Continuous Improvement

  • Head of Quality

In smaller companies, the economic buyer could be the CEO or any one of the above.

Begin with the End in MindBegin with the End in Mind

If you are the champion who is considering Parsable, it is good to begin with the end in mind to help the economic buyer make a decision.

They will want to know:

  • What budget do you recommend being used to pay for this solution?

  • Do you know how you will calculate ROI for this solution?

  • Have you already defined a path for how you will secure the mobile devices to run this solution?

  • Is the budget for the mobile devices included in this request?

  • Have all stakeholders weighed in and what was the complete feedback?

  • After purchase where do you intend to apply this solution first?

  • Have you validated what users in the company think of the solution?

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Change is always challenging, especially in large organizations. At Parsable, we’ve seen a lot of digital transformations. At the heart of it, all is a change management exercise to get people to commit to a new way of working. It’s not uncommon for champions to get stuck with an internal obstacle or be unclear about a next step. If that happens, please know that it is common and we’d like to help. We believe so strongly in the value we are achieving for our customers that we don’t have to sell our solution in a traditional way. We live to help companies see the value through demos, ROI calculations, and Proofs of Value. We hope you’ll consider leveraging us to help you solve even the most change resistant organizational situations.

We live to help companies see the value through demos, ROI calculations, and Proofs of Value.