Industrial sectors are planning to commite $907bn p.a. to Industry 4.0

 Todays clients are under siege from all directions. They face a more challenging business reality then ever before – one underscored by plummeting productivity, rising labor costs, and unprecedented industry disruption propelled by the types of disruptive business models being introduced by Amazon and Uber. At the same time, they must continue to innovate and deliver value for an ever-more informed and demanding consumer, all while demonstrating strong quarter-over-quarter growth for their investors.

This stark new reality is not lost on savvy Fortune 500 leaders, particularly in operations-driven industries such as industrial manufacturing and CPG. Many are looking to automation, IIoT, and other Industry 4.0 technologies to drive down costs and streamline standard work. However, for many companies the majority of the most critical tasks  particularly at the last mile of the production process  are still performed by human workers (and will continue to be for the foreseeable future). 

Amazon and Uberare in the process of launching initiatives that will disrupt the transportation industry by cutting out the middleman.

While human work continues to be central operations in these industries, executives responsible for delivering on global efficiency milestones lack the tools and floor-level data to effectively drive the change management they’ve been tasked with.

Parsable is a digital work authoring and mobile execution platform that solves this “blind spot” by enabling teams to easily manage, collaboratively execute, and continuously improve standard work.


As the Connected Worker Platform of choice for the world’s largest organizations, Parsable can help partners convert opportunities by delivering rapid value in your engagement.

The Parsable Buyer's Guide

Your company has a ton of expertise in change management, process re-engineering, procedure development, and decision management. Parsable offers a next-generation approach for designing, executing, and measuring work for deskless workers. We should be working together to help companies drive to the next level of productivity.

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