85% Paperless in 90 Days

50 decrease in start-up, shutdown, and changeover times

50% Decrease in Start-up, Shutdown, and Changeover Times

90 decrease in errors per month

90% Decrease in Errors per Month

55 increase in checklist and form completion

55% Increase in Checklist and Form Completion

Captured 30,000+ Net New Datapoints a Day-1

Captured 30,000+ Net New Datapoints a Day

200% faster to deploy new best practices

200% faster to deploy new best practices

Our Solution

At Parsable we set out to transform the daily lives of deskless workers by providing an easy to use and deploy, “mobile first” Industry 4.0 platform to digitally organize work, foster real-time collaboration, and provide analytics to drive continuous improvement in industrial environments. We call this the Mobile Collaboration & Workflow (MCW) platform for connected industrial workers.

Smarter Field Teams


Our customers augment their workers with the intelligence to execute each step of a process correctly and effectively.

This means:

  • less training
  • less total effort required
  • better procedural compliance
  • and fewer workplace injuries
Faster Job Execution


Paper-based training and work processes were eliminated from the front office because they slowed down work and created more opportunities for error.

As factories replace paper procedures with Parsable:

  • lines start and shutdown faster
  • idle time for workers is reduced
  • non-value adding steps are exposed and eliminated
  • when issues arise, the team knows who is doing what
  • new employees get up-to-speed faster
  • maintenance is cued seamlessly
  • data is also collected in real-time to improve each step 
Better Results


In designing the Parsable MCW platform, we’ve studied how you work.

We’ve leveraged the capabilities of mobile devices to help you collect the data you need to improve your results.  

This might mean:

  • scanning barcodes to automatically associate work with a given production lot during inspections
    - or -
  • queuing specific jobs automatically if temperature checks or machine tolerances are out of spec

By collecting continuous data feeds from the shop floor as the work gets done, you can see the work happening in real-time.

You can also take corrective action when something isn’t going to plan.


We help you connect the procedures to your team and your team to each other in real-time with rich media.