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The Evolution of Connected Worker: Top 5 Things You Need Know

June 20, 2019 | Webinar

According to a survey by Decision Analyst, improving shop floor productivity is the top focus area for 76% manufacturers in 2019. At the same time, many firms are realizing that simply digitizing paper processes does not yield the step-change improvements in efficiency, quality and safety they are seeking. Instead, what’s required is an integrated, data-driven approach to continuously empowering front line operators. Don’t miss this chance to hear about emerging trends and breakthroughs in the Connected Worker space from some of the top thought leaders in industrial transformation.

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Past Events

Manufacturing Leadership Summit

June 10-12, 2019 | Huntington Beach, CA

The Manufacturing Leadership Summit provides a leadership playbook for manufacturing 4.0, along with innovative ideas and emerging trends to future proof your business and improve the bottom line.


June 4-5, 2019 | Chicago, IL

North American Food Safety & Quality 2019 brings together the “who’s who” of food safety, quality, and compliance executives, cutting-edge service and solution providers and media partners for North America’s premier food safety event.

Honeywell Tech Show Symposium

May 21-22, 2019 | Phoenix, AZ

Honeywell holds an annual Technology Symposium where technology and business leaders from across Honeywell’s portfolio get together to discuss how to accelerate innovation and solve problems for our customers.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Summit

May 19-21, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV

This event addresses the major pressures and challenges seen in today’s manufacturing world, from maintaining a successful continuous improvement sys-tem, to the complex managing and developing of innovation, technology and workforce.

Accenture Innovation Forum

May 13-15, 2019 | Spring Studios, NY

We are in an era of unparalleled change, marked by dazzling technologies, new digital business models, and increasing societal pressures. The winners in this complex world are those who can see the order in the chaos, recognize the opportunities that arise, and understand how to ride the shifting tectonic plates of business and society.


April 16-17, 2019 | Chicago, IL

The North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit brings together the “who’s who” of manufacturing executives, cutting-edge technology providers and media partners for North America’s premier manufacturing event.

Manufacturing & Technology 2019

April 1-3, 2019 | Pittsburg, PA

The one-stop experience that brings together manufacturing decision makers, from design to delivery, and keeps them at the forefront of manufacturing’s digital transformation.