Powerful new frontline capabilities.

With this release we decided to focus on our frontline users — the operators, technicians, inspectors and supervisors — who work on the industrial front lines and rely on Parsable daily to get the job done.


The Fall ’19 release includes powerful new features and functionality designed to make it faster and easier for frontline users to get work done in Parsable.


Make it easier for multiple users to share a single device.



Enable instant on-demand video conferencing on every job.



Enhance the readability of work instructions with rich text.



Deliver a seamless user experience with custom colors.



Parsable now supports Japanese, Arabic and right-to-left languages.


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We've made it faster and easier to get work done in Parsable.



Increase shop-floor efficiency

Improve operator efficiency by making it easy for multiple users to share a single mobile device.


Streamline field operations

Reduce operational costs and NPT by enabling instant help and remote inspection — available on demand.


Reduce operator error

Enhance the readability and clarity of work instructions by adding rich text such as bold, italics and lists.