OEE - A New Approach

OEE 2.0 Connected Worker Accelerators for CPG

Who this is for  Who this is for:

  • CPG manufacturing executives thinking about digital transformation or Industry 4.0 and looking for leapfrog approaches that will quickly get plants more productive.

  • CPG manufacturing plant managers trying to improve OEE while managing the complexity CPG companies contend with.

  • CPG manufacturing plant supervisors who want data-driven approaches to quickly deploy new work processes and make rapid improvements when they see an opportunity.
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The question most companies are wrestling with is — what is the optimal mix of technology and human involvement? 

We’ve laid out a vision of the CPG Factory of the Future that will help you determine your next steps.

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Fast-tracking Industry 4.0 with Next Generation OEE

Journey to the Factory of the Future

With Industry 4.0 in full swing, most companies are plotting their path right now to their own factory of the future as technologies like 3D printing, 5G, RFID, blockchain, robotics, and industrial mobile have become practical to deploy.


The question most companies are wrestling with is – what is the optimal mix of technology and human involvement? We’ve laid out a vision of a factory of the future that may help you determine your next steps. (Download our “The CPG Factory of the Future Isn’t What You Expect” eBook)

Journey to the Factory of the Future
no-pixelHumans at the Center

Humans at the Center

To make this all work, we believe humans need to be at the center of your operations and we offer a practical approach to bring industrial-grade software to the shop floor via mobile to execute, measure, and continuously improve work.


While there is a lot to consider, we believe there is really just one logical place to start. Machines are now incredibly reliable. The meantime between failure is now 20x higher than it was in the 1960s and the gains have now plateaued. This leaves human actions associated with availability, productivity, quality, waste, and safety as the remaining efforts to perfect in your operational system. These are traditionally the levers of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). (Download our “3 Reasons Why Humans Should Be at the Center of OEE” Executive Brief)

The Impact of the Modern Consumer on OEE

As tastes change and relatively more affluent consumers demand more options, companies are trying to get their plants to do more. This pressure to reconfigure on the fly is the source of most error. Quality guru W. Edwards Deming pointed out that 94 percent of all errors come from the system, with only 6 percent caused by humans directly. By system, he meant what we ask people to do and the organization of the instructions and tools we give them to do the work. The problem is, therefore, actually our management of even more complex industrial environments. (View our “Blueprint for the Factory of the Future” Infographic)

The Impact of the Modern Consume on OEE
Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast

To tame these new complex systems, we need to be able to roll out processes quickly. At Parsable, we’ve built a Connected Worker Platform to make this exceedingly easy, allowing companies to roll out new processes at will, whenever an improvement or issue is identified. (Download our “5 Forces Driving the Rise of Connected Worker Applications in Operational Technology” Executive Brief)

OEE – A New Approach

For CPG and industrial manufacturers, we now offer a new approach to OEE that we call OEE 2.0. What we’ve done is embrace that variability comes from the system as people execute. We have isolated the processes humans impact the most, focusing first on the availability of the whole factory or uptime. These include changeovers, maintenance, and safety. We have created specific accelerators that include pre-built processes, pre-built data pipelines and pre-built dashboards to help companies rapidly get up and running and quickly isolate their main OEE availability challenges. (Download our “OEE 2.0 Connected Worker Accelerators” Solution Brief)

OEE - A New Approach
The Solution

Even Easier.

Parsable already offers a Connected Worker Platform that lets any user create processes, deploy them to workgroups, and easily access real-time feeds of data that users collect as well as execution data from the work they perform. Users, who are mostly frontline workers and supervisors, are up and running in hours and deploying new processes within weeks. With our Connected Worker Accelerators program, we wanted to make getting up-to-speed even easier with out-of-the-box processes, data, and dashboards that you can immediately use with minimal configuration. Our first set of Connected Worker Accelerators are for CPG, but we've created a framework that Parsable, our partners, and our customers will be able to use to quickly replicate success in industrial companies.

The Solution:
OEE 2.0 Connected Worker Accelerators for CPG

OEE 2.0 for Connected Workers is a collection of Accelerators that run on Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform to help companies make giant strides in OEE performance in just weeks.


Why: We saw that much of the industry still struggles with OEE and considers it largely a machine or line calculation. The original roots of OEE calculation were in human performance and we saw a way to isolate the human impact to this important metric of overall productivity.


Download OEE 2.0 Connected Worker Accelerators Solution Brief »

How: Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform lives in the cloud and your teams execute their work and collaborate with one another through native apps on iOS and Android devices. Every action is measured like a continuous time and motion study.


To get companies further even faster, we've now added OEE 2.0 Connected Worker Accelerators, which provides out-of-the-box processes for changeovers, maintenance, and safety, as well as the dashboards to measure these disciplines individually and holistically. This means you get up and running fast and begin closing OEE gaps in just weeks. You then leverage the continuous insight to make better decisions faster to improve performance as your operational systems change.


The key to this new insight is surfacing the “dark data” of human action to provide a clear picture of what needs to change. As an example, for one of our customers, executing an order in SAP tracked just eight steps; the equivalent process in Parsable tracked 208 steps. This meant that this customer could now chart, graph, and make data-driven decisions on parts of their process that were never visible before.

What: The OEE 2.0 for Connected Workers accelerators include pre-built processes and dashboards for:


These accelerators allow customers to isolate, measure, and act on actual performance every day. OEE moves from a lagging measure of performance to an active and live assessment surfacing the real levers for better performance. The advantage of these Accelerators is that you don’t have to build you own procedures, data pipeline, or dashboards to get started, which means you can implement more of your processes faster and start extracting game-changing insights in just weeks.

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