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Green Chef delivers pre-measured, pre-prepped organic ingredients and easy recipes to customers across the continental United States. As the first certified organic meal kit company specializing in meal plans for every lifestyle — including keto, paleo, vegan, omnivore and more — Green Chef’s brand depends on flawless meal preparation and delivery, every time.


While Green Chef’s relentless focus on variety, quality and customer service differentiates it from other meal kit brands, it demands a flexible manufacturing environment where completely different recipes and products — and with them, new procedures — are created every week. The company produces thousands of meals with hundreds of SKUs every week. Additionally, Green Chef’s customers often have specific dietary needs, so new teams must maintain the highest levels of consistency and quality, and avoid cross-contamination of ingredients.

With meal production and food storage distributed across multiple facilities, Green Chef needed to not only standardize work instructions, but to have the ability to quickly course-correct for unanticipated production issues across its operations. However, home-grown ERP and checklist applications proved a bottleneck, preventing them from having the flexibility they needed. Additionally, Green Chef had limited IT resources, and required a solution that could be quickly implemented without much manual coding or custom configurations from its internal teams.  DOWNLOAD SUCCESS STORY

“With Parsable, it was clear that we could begin using the solution within weeks of kicking off the project and start seeing immediate return.”

John Childs,
Director of Operations, Strategy & Technology, Green Chef


After evaluating other solutions, Green Chef chose the Parsable Connected Worker Platform to address the diverse needs of the organization. Parsable offered the essential flexibility they needed, and that traditional ERP and MRP systems lacked. Additionally, unlike ERP and MRP systems, Parsable did not require significant upfront capital investment or configuration work, meaning it could be quickly rolled out and adopted.

Despite Green Chef’s highly complex production environment, the company deployed Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform in just six weeks. Parsable’s easy-to-use, mobile-first user interface enabled Green Chef’s employees to get up and running quickly on their mobile devices, providing instant access to the platform. DOWNLOAD SUCCESS STORY

Teams across the production chain — from inventory and food manufacturing to sanitation, maintenance, and outbound distribution — are now all connected on Parsable. While online, real-time data capture eliminates time-consuming manual data entry and provides managers with real-time access to data so they can make faster decisions. This capability helps Green Chef execute rapid line changeovers and better respond to customer needs.


Workers can also access and use the platform in offline mode — meaning they are not limited by wifi availability — and all information entered is synched to the platform once an Internet connection is re-established. This is a critical feature for Green Chef locations where Internet access is sporadic or not available.

Green Chef leverages Parsable to run and report on many operations that hadn’t been fully addressed by incumbent home-rolled software, including:

  • Managing meal prep SOPs.

  • Health audits for compliance with sanitation and food storage requirements set forth by the Board of Health, FDA and other regulatory groups.

  • Safety inspections required for OSHA and management, including warehouse equipment, fire extinguishers, personal protective equipment (PPE) and more.

  • Equipment maintenance and reporting processes (e.g. Clean-Inspect-Lube/CIL).

  • Enforcement of storage standards for meal ingredients (e.g. separation of ingredients to avoid cross-contamination; reporting of issues/spills, etc.).

  • Dock quality inspections when unloading raw ingredients and when loading finished meals.

  • Logging issues in cases of over-production/overages.


Since implementing Parsable, Green Chef’s managers have more visibility into work being performed on the floor at all times. This helps them ensure their teams are executing work safely, correctly and on time — no matter their location.

Thanks to improved inventory management and less cross-contamination, the company has seen a reduction in errors and overages, along with reduced waste and material loss.


Additionally, there’s better consistency across batches and locations, and crews are able to manage a higher volume of meals and SKUs than previously possible. Inspections are also easier to manage, because they have rapid and reliable access to complete records and logs to provide to inspectors.

With rapid access to operational data collected on the floor, managers gain powerful insights into workers’ activity via Parsable’s management dashboard, which includes step-time tracking and the ability to track performance against benchmarks. With this information on-hand, they can quickly iterate workflows and procedures to increase efficiency.


Green Chef 4Conclusion

In the CPG environment, improvements in productivity, quality and safety go straight to the bottom line. For Green Chef it also means the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition by consistently delivering on the promise of great meals for any dietary preference.

With Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform in place, Green Chef has the visibility and insights they need to consistently deliver on customer expectations.

“People are at the core of any business that’s going to be successful,” said Mark Landes, Vice President of Technology at Green Chef. “You must make sure that you’re giving the right tools to those people so they can do their jobs in the quickest, best way possible — and Parsable meets that need.”  DOWNLOAD SUCCESS STORY

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