End Users

End users use Parsable daily by executing steps & collecting data in order to finish jobs, including capturing video and communicating directly with fellow workers & supervisors. Here are some of the things end users can do with Parsable.

Select a Job


Enter Data


Annotate a Picture


Take a Video


Ask an Expert


Submit an Issue


Complete a Job


Scan a Barcode




The supervisors oversee end users by assigning jobs to them, providing mentorship, and verifying that work is completed correctly, safely, and on time. Here are some of the things supervisors can do with Parsable.

Assign a Job


Check Job Progress


Review All Jobs


Assess Performance




The authors are content creators and editors who set-up the templates, execution and data collection steps, and then jobs for the supervisors & end users. Here are some of the actions authors do with Parsable.

Select a Template


Insert a Field
Into a Template


Publish a Step


Publish a Job