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Parsable/Honeywell effort aims to optimize assembly lines

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Parsable announced the expansion of its collaboration with Honeywell to digitize and streamline the production of auxiliary power units (APUs). With Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform, Honeywell is gaining visibility into the human-led work done across its complex manufacturing operations, capturing critical data insights to drive continuous improvement, work precision and product excellence, according to Parsable.

As part of the initial rollout, Honeywell is leveraging Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform to turn paper-based work instructions into dynamic digital procedures on mobile devices. With this new, real-time transparency into work being done on the assembly line, Honeywell has access to powerful data and greater levels of granularity, enabling management teams to more precisely identify and eliminate issues, bottlenecks and other blockers, further optimizing productivity, quality and safety on the floor, according to Parsable.


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