How do we staff the factories of the future by closing the education gap?

Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0

Published Dec 12, 2017


It’s Form AND Function; How the Blind Rush to Digitization is Leaving a Lot on the Table

Digital Transformation

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3 Reasons why the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Not the End, But the Beginning of Industry 4.0


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An Upstream Digital Solution For the ENERGY INDUSTRY


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How to Shrink Oil & Gas Non- Productive Time by as much as 80%


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In Executing Industry 4.0, Machines are Easy... It’s the Humans that are Hard

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Published Jun 2, 2017


Navigating From Sea to Startup: The Course is Parsable

Company Culture, Veteran, Navy, Mission

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What is your work standard for Standard Work?

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Create Antifragile Systems to Thrive During Times of Volatility and Change

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Digitization isn’t enough — Lessons from WEF

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Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

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Culture: Drafting your team’s Constitution

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