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Anisha Padamshi

Three Trends to Recruit and Retain a Diverse and Skilled Workforce

There is a change in workforce dynamics within manufacturing. Here are three trends to recruit and retain a diverse and skilled workforce.

Driving Digital Transformation Urgency in Manufacturing

Connected worker technology is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have, as we see a shift in digital and technology efforts due to COVID-19.

How Connected Worker Technology Supports Food Processing Facilities During COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past couple of weeks, as new hot spots have emerged, COVID-19 cases have risen among food processing and packaging plants. Connected worker technology can help manufacturers identify and mediate issues early on, before things spiral on the factory floor.

3 Actions Manufacturers Can Take to Build Resilience

As manufacturers enter the recovery and rebuild phase, there are three things they can do to build resilience into their digital transformation efforts.

What Is the Cost of Quality in Manufacturing?

What are the key drivers and issues around quality facing industrial teams and management today? Learn from our latest ebook, how connected work can help you drive continuous improvement in quality management.

Beyond COVID-19: Drive Innovation with Technology and Agile Manufacturing

Begin adopting the principles of agile methodologies with modern technology, and you’ll create the innovation needed to survive these uncertain times – and future crises – throughout the organization.

Connected Work - Connecting Workers to Systems, Machines and Each Other

Here’s a look at how connected work is positively impacting manufacturing companies.

How to Keep Manufacturing Workers Safe During COVID-19

Learn how manufacturers operating during the coronavirus can help keep their workers safe.

How Technology Can Help CPG Companies Facing Record Demand

The uncertainty around COVID-19 has caused people to stock up –  even hoard – unexpectedly on pantry and household staples. Find out how CPG companies can leverage modern technology to help meet the growing consumer demand.

Connected Worker Platforms Bring Humans Into Digital Transformation

Learn how Parsable's Connected Worker Platform, with commentary from Grupo Lala and LNS Research, could change the game for industrial companies.