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Ken is the CMO at Parsable, where he sets strategy and oversees execution for all marketing functions, ensuring programs drive business results and capture the unique value of the company’s Connected Worker Platform. He also spent more than a decade in the express logistics industry.
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Robot Mimicry or Mastery? The End of Bench Manufacturing Is Near

If humanity’s future in manufacturing is inserting a few screws because our hands are still more dexterous than most affordable robots, then we are doomed.

On the 12th Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 12 Industrial Applications

Industrial software will enable continuous improvement to not be the exception, but the rule.

On the 11th Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 11 Books on Blockchain

Blockchain. If your operation doesn’t run at the bleeding edge, put in in the “Useful in Future File” and move on.

On the 10th Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 10 Seats of Tableau

Boss, I won’t be returning the seats of Tableau on the 26th. But I will try to make charting and graphing in dashboards straightforward.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 9 AGVs

AGVs don’t have the alien wheels or the smart arms, but they look upgradeable, and we can put them to work doing some mind-numbing tasks.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 8 One-eyed Wearables

There, I said it: Wearables will be part of the mix, but still a relatively specialty product when the benefit of a visual overlay really matters.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 7 Dumb Drones

Drones have indeed come a crazy long way. But are they ready to really add value to factory and warehouse operations?

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 6 Senseless Sensors

Yes. I am questioning our ceaseless desire to believe that the next tech widget automagically transforms our businesses without the requisite education and tools to capture new insights and feed them back into our work.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 5 RFID Tags

The promise of completely-connected-everything is a great idea and we should strive for it, but let’s not forget the low-hanging fruit begging us to make giant strides right now.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 4 Data Science Boot Camp Graduates

In the manufacturing realm, making sense of entirely new types of data for a new graduate may not produce results companies are looking for. Making sense of data is a new core competency everyone needs.

On the Third Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 3 Used 3D Printers

You couldn’t throw a sensor in the air without hitting a reference to a 3D printer. My take is that we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

On the Second Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: 2 Mindless Co-bots

There are only a few applications for co-bots today. Getting our own humans productive first is currently a far better use of our time and money right now.

On the First Day of Christmas, My Boss Gave to Me: Another Vendor Pitching IIoT

We don't need more sensors. In 2019, we need to talk about how we are going to train, upskill, manage, and gather insight from and for our 21st century humans.

Industry 4.0 is a Lot Easier Than You Think: Dispelling 3 Digital Transformation Myths

If you break down what Industry 4.0 is – and to finally get moving on your digital transformation initiatives – you have to do just three things really well.

We’re ready to scale even faster

Today we announced that we’ve completed an amazing Series C funding, with new enthusiastic investors and our devoted existing investors providing us with US$40m to take our company to the next level. It’s time to take our Connected Worker platform to even more customers.

What is the Connection Between Digital Work Instructions and Connected Worker Platforms?

To start this story right, we need to start at the start.

How do we staff the factories of the future by closing the education gap?

A discussion with Detlef Zühlke about closing the education gap in Industry 4.0.

In Executing Industry 4.0, Machines are Easy... It’s the Humans that are Hard

Machines and humans need to find a way to work together to propel industry 4.0 forward.

What is your work standard for Standard Work?

Lean calls it Standardized Work. Six Sigma calls it Standard Work.