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Lawrence Whittle

Lawrence Whittle is Parsable's CEO, and drives the strategic vision and business direction of the company. A global citizen and cloud software veteran, Lawrence has led technology companies in over 10 countries in the last two decades, all focused on providing enterprise software solutions that drive transformational change for the world’s largest organizations.
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The Time Is Right for Connected Worker Platforms

In a recent interview with TechTarget our CEO, Lawrence Whittle, looks at the demand for connected worker platforms as a result of COVID-19.

A Milestone for Connected Work

Today, Parsable announced a significant milestone: $60 million in a new Series D funding, bringing our total raised to more than $133 million. This truly validates the enterprise market for Connected Worker solutions.

As Companies Re-Open, Optimize Operations While Keeping Workers Safe

Across manufacturing companies the top priority right now is tackling the same challenge: “How do I keep my employees healthy and safe and my operations productive?”

Our Commitment to Industrial Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic – We Stand By You

As all our families, businesses and communities are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to share how Parsable is handling the situation.

Five Emerging Trends As Millennials Take Over Manufacturing

Millennials are projected to overtake baby boomers in the industrial workforce. What impact will this have on industrial companies?

This is Why Manufacturing Needs to Prioritize the Recruitment of Young Talent

Industrial companies face several challenges that make closing the talent gap more difficult than for other sectors.

Technology’s Role in Shaping 2020 – and Beyond – at Oil and Gas Firms

There will be substantial shifts in the way energy companies, including oil and gas producers, prioritize in the new year and beyond.

What Will Drive Key Business Decisions in 2020 for Industrial Companies?

Four key trends will shape strategic priorities for global industrial companies in 2020 and beyond.

3 Ways Technology Improves Safety Management and Procedural Adherence

With modern digital tools, safety becomes embedded into the execution of work, not a separated set of safety tasks.

Has Automation Gone Too Far?

There is such a thing as too much, too soon. Companies need to invest in both humans and machines.

Connected Worker Added to Two Gartner Hype Cycles

New Connected Worker category was identified by Gartner to have transformational benefits for manufacturers and frontline workers.

Hail to the Chief Manufacturing Officer?

We need to re-imagine the future of manufacturing, and part of that means figuring out a way to engage the best and brightest talent.

A Digital-First Factory Floor is Key to Attracting STEM Talent

Top performers are used to succeeding, but the manufacturing industry has roadblocks infringing on their STEM talent, making these careers a weak sell.

The Time is Now for Manufacturing to Drive the Digital Transformation of Every Industrial Worker

With labor pools shifting and the cost of overseas manufacturing rising, businesses should seize on today's disruptive time to secure their future.

How a Human-Centric Approach Uplevels Energy and Manufacturing Operations

Nalco needed a better way to collaborate with field operators and better consistency in work quality. It accomplished this – and more – within 6 months.

It’s Form AND Function; How the Blind Rush to Digitization is Leaving a Lot on the Table

Time, as they say, is money. But in the blind rush to digitization, we are forgetting about “DigitALization.”