EB002 Five Reasons Executive Brief Icon.pngEnergy market pressures have set off a race among oil and gas industry competitors to improve margins by reducing NPT (Non-Productive Time). Massive efforts are underway to boost process efficiency by joining the rest of the business world in digital transformation. However, even though people cause or are involved in most process stoppages and slowdowns, focus has been on digitizing industrial equipment, rather than O&G (oil and gas) crews.

Parsable’s executive brief, “Five Reasons to Digitize Your Oil & Gas Crews” shows how putting mobile enterprise platforms in the hands of field workers enables production companies, equipment and service providers, and distribution facilities to shrink NPT by 20% to 80%. At the same time, these simple-to-use work process apps are improving process throughput, safety, and work quality while making it easier to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

These are just a few powerful reasons to go digital—you’ll find four more in our brief. You’ll also discover how to:

  • collaborate with suppliers and customers to solve problems in real time
  • enable remote third-party inspections and expert consultations
  • increase management visibility into field operations and field crew feedback for process improvement
  • track the important details of work performed at every step of every job