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Delayed Response – A Red Flag in Manufacturing

Delayed responses in manufacturing is a big source of non-productive time, unplanned downtime and incidents. Learn how to root them out of your operations.

7 Ways to Use Parsable to Keep on Top of Digital SOPs

With the right digital tools your team can stay on top of guidance and procedural changes, update digital SOPs and keep all employees accountable for safety compliance.

Connect & Learn Webinar Series: Pre-Trip Truck Inspections

In our latest Connect & Learn webinar recording, find out how you can effectively digitize, connect and transform pre-trip truck inspections with Parsable.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Manufacturing Allstars

It’s no surprise that there is currently an employment gap within manufacturing. How can you look internally to your human workforce to address this growing concern?

The Time Is Right for Connected Worker Platforms

In a recent interview with TechTarget our CEO, Lawrence Whittle, looks at the demand for connected worker platforms as a result of COVID-19.

Q&A: Scaling Safety in the Process Industries

In a recent interview with Processing Magazine our Vice President of Customer Operations, Ben Cheng, talks about safety in process industries and how technology is a game-changer as factories continue to operate amid COVID-19.

Packaging Trends and the Role of Technology

Sustainability has been front and center for the packaging industry. Learn about trends in packaging and the role technology plays.

The Role of Wearables in Manufacturing

Learn how wearables can make an impact on your industrial operations. Understand the limitations and trends we’ve witnessed in the space.

The Summer 2020 Release — All Thanks to You

This release is full of end-user focused features that will boost the productivity, quality and safety for all industrial workers.

A Milestone for Connected Work

Today, Parsable announced a significant milestone: $60 million in a new Series D funding, bringing our total raised to more than $133 million. This truly validates the enterprise market for Connected Worker solutions.

Connect & Learn Webinar Series: Safety Walks

In this Connect & Learn webinar recording, find out how you can take safety walks to the next level with Parsable.

Driving Digital Transformation Urgency in Manufacturing

Connected worker technology is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have, as we see a shift in digital and technology efforts due to COVID-19.

Leading Through Crisis in Manufacturing

Crises bring about complexity and change. As an executive, are you simply managing the situation or leading through change? Here are some lessons to be learned.

Empowering Employees During COVID-19 with Connected Worker Technology

For consumer goods companies connected worker technology can help workers perform tasks accurately, help them collaborate and provide insight into data.

How Connected Worker Technology Supports Food Processing Facilities During COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past couple of weeks, as new hot spots have emerged, COVID-19 cases have risen among food processing and packaging plants. Connected worker technology can help manufacturers identify and mediate issues early on, before things spiral on the factory floor.

Workers Need to be Digitally Connected to Ensure Safety Amid COVID-19

With the global pandemic came a sudden surge in demand for certain products. Mobile-first connected worker technology is giving workers the tools they need to be more efficient as output expectations increase.

3 Actions Manufacturers Can Take to Build Resilience

As manufacturers enter the recovery and rebuild phase, there are three things they can do to build resilience into their digital transformation efforts.

Use Case Series: Streamline Near Miss Reporting

Safety is priority #1! Establishing a culture that allows your employees to report near miss incidents could drastically decrease workplace accidents.

What Is the Cost of Quality in Manufacturing?

What are the key drivers and issues around quality facing industrial teams and management today? Learn from our latest ebook, how connected work can help you drive continuous improvement in quality management.

Guide to Building Effective Digital Work Instructions

Work instructions are a critical part of your manufacturing operation. Learn how you can easily help your organization standardize and digitize work processes with connected worker technology.

Deploy Enterprise Technologies Remotely with the PDCA Model

We’ve enabled hundreds of sites and thousands of frontline workers globally – even while remote. How have we done this? By leveraging the PDCA model.

Beyond COVID-19: Drive Innovation with Technology and Agile Manufacturing

Begin adopting the principles of agile methodologies with modern technology, and you’ll create the innovation needed to survive these uncertain times – and future crises – throughout the organization.

Factories Push to Re-Open – How People Will Play a Vital Role

As manufacturing plants begin to open up, the role of human workers and investing in people-centered technology has never been more important.

How Manufacturers Can Thrive Post-COVID-19

As manufacturing plants begin to open up, they need to adapt to change and adopt technology in order to be more resilient.

As Companies Re-Open, Optimize Operations While Keeping Workers Safe

Across manufacturing companies the top priority right now is tackling the same challenge: “How do I keep my employees healthy and safe and my operations productive?”

Connected Work - Connecting Workers to Systems, Machines and Each Other

Here’s a look at how connected work is positively impacting manufacturing companies.

How to Keep Manufacturing Workers Safe During COVID-19

Learn how manufacturers operating during the coronavirus can help keep their workers safe.

How Technology Can Help CPG Companies Facing Record Demand

The uncertainty around COVID-19 has caused people to stock up –  even hoard – unexpectedly on pantry and household staples. Find out how CPG companies can leverage modern technology to help meet the growing consumer demand.

Our Commitment to Industrial Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic – We Stand By You

As all our families, businesses and communities are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to share how Parsable is handling the situation.

Connected Worker Platforms Bring Humans Into Digital Transformation

Learn how Parsable's Connected Worker Platform, with commentary from Grupo Lala and LNS Research, could change the game for industrial companies.

What Does Six Sigma Look Like in a Connected Worker World?

Six Sigma is one of the key frameworks for process improvement, a system for eliminating defects. What does it look like in a connected worker world?

Five Emerging Trends As Millennials Take Over Manufacturing

Millennials are projected to overtake baby boomers in the industrial workforce. What impact will this have on industrial companies?

How Mobile Technology Can Improve Well Plugging and Abandonment in the Oil and Gas Industry

It’s time that regulators harness mobile technology to improve and accelerate how P&A is done for the safety and well-being of people and the nation.

4 Ways to Maximize Worker Safety in Industrial Operations

Safety is a high priority in industrial operations. Check out our latest blog post to learn four ways to maximize worker safety.

This is Why Manufacturing Needs to Prioritize the Recruitment of Young Talent

Industrial companies face several challenges that make closing the talent gap more difficult than for other sectors.

Technology’s Role in Shaping 2020 – and Beyond – at Oil and Gas Firms

There will be substantial shifts in the way energy companies, including oil and gas producers, prioritize in the new year and beyond.

What Will Drive Key Business Decisions in 2020 for Industrial Companies?

Four key trends will shape strategic priorities for global industrial companies in 2020 and beyond.

What Does World Class Manufacturing Look Like in a Connected Worker World?

Learn how modern digital tools for industrial workers can dramatically accelerate the impact of World Class Manufacturing.

LNS Research eBook Highlights Connected Worker as Integral Component of Industrial Transformation

New research shows companies are incorporating workers into Industrial Transformation initiatives and leveraging human-related data to drive improvements.

What Does Lean Manufacturing Look Like in a Connected Worker World?

Learn how Lean principles could be enhanced through technology that improves productivity, quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process.

Celebrating Parsable's Military Veterans

We're so fortunate to have several military veterans on our team whose experience gives them a unique understanding of our mission and our customers.

Our Fall 2019 Product Release is Here

This release is full of end-user focused features that will boost the productivity, quality and safety for all industrial workers.

3 Ways Technology Improves Safety Management and Procedural Adherence

With modern digital tools, safety becomes embedded into the execution of work, not a separated set of safety tasks.

Introducing the Parsable Frontline Work Connector for Salesforce

Our offering in the AppExchange will help Salesforce’s industrial customers link their system-of-record to execution data and standard operating procedures.

5 Ways Connected Worker Technologies Ensure Quality and Safety for Food and Beverage Companies

Learn 5 ways that new technologies can reduce risk and facilitate regulatory compliance for food and beverage companies.

Has Automation Gone Too Far?

There is such a thing as too much, too soon. Companies need to invest in both humans and machines.

The Future of Work: Perspectives from the WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions

It was clear that the world’s foremost companies and institutions alike are prioritizing the exact issues that Parsable is helping to solve.

Daher Q&A: Aerospace Industry Depends on Connecting People with Technology

Daher cites that the success of the aerospace industry relies on the power of connecting people with technology, including workers on the front lines.

Hail to the Chief Manufacturing Officer?

We need to re-imagine the future of manufacturing, and part of that means figuring out a way to engage the best and brightest talent.

Redefining OEE for the 21st Century

If you break down OEE as it has traditionally been calculated, it is still accurate but less able today to point to the underlying problems