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Leading Through Crisis in Manufacturing

Crises bring about complexity and change. As an executive, are you simply managing the situation or leading through change? Here are some lessons to be learned.

What Is the Cost of Quality in Manufacturing?

What are the key drivers and issues around quality facing industrial teams and management today? Learn from our latest ebook, how connected work can help you drive continuous improvement in quality management.

Guide to Building Effective Digital Work Instructions

Work instructions are a critical part of your manufacturing operation. Learn how you can easily help your organization standardize and digitize work processes with connected worker technology.

Deploy Enterprise Technologies Remotely with the PDCA Model

We’ve enabled hundreds of sites and thousands of frontline workers globally – even while remote. How have we done this? By leveraging the PDCA model.

Beyond COVID-19: Drive Innovation with Technology and Agile Manufacturing

Begin adopting the principles of agile methodologies with modern technology, and you’ll create the innovation needed to survive these uncertain times – and future crises – throughout the organization.

Factories Push to Re-Open – How People Will Play a Vital Role

As manufacturing plants begin to open up, the role of human workers and investing in people-centered technology has never been more important.

How Manufacturers Can Thrive Post-COVID-19

As manufacturing plants begin to open up, they need to adapt to change and adopt technology in order to be more resilient.

As Companies Re-Open, Optimize Operations While Keeping Workers Safe

Across manufacturing companies the top priority right now is tackling the same challenge: “How do I keep my employees healthy and safe and my operations productive?”

Connected Work - Connecting Workers to Systems, Machines and Each Other

Here’s a look at how connected work is positively impacting manufacturing companies.

Connected Worker Platforms Bring Humans Into Digital Transformation

Learn how Parsable's Connected Worker Platform, with commentary from Grupo Lala and LNS Research, could change the game for industrial companies.

Robot Mimicry or Mastery? The End of Bench Manufacturing Is Near

If humanity’s future in manufacturing is inserting a few screws because our hands are still more dexterous than most affordable robots, then we are doomed.

In Executing Industry 4.0, Machines are Easy... It’s the Humans that are Hard

Machines and humans need to find a way to work together to propel industry 4.0 forward.

Parsable Raises $20M from Global Industrial Firms to Eliminate Paper

Parsable Raises $20M from Global Industrial Firms to Eliminate Paper