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Industry 4.0 Strategist

Making Industry 4.0 a reality

The goal of producing smarter factories and a vision for connected industry is not just a concept – it is now a reality, and Bosch Rexroth has long been a leading player in this field, being both a...Read more

20 Influential Leaders in the Internet of Things

These 20 executives, entrepreneurs, investors, CTOs, and influencers are driving the Internet of Things industry forward.<p>The Internet of Things (IoT) industry has quickly transformed from a...Read more

Industry 4.0: What's in store in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We’re still in the computerised Third Industrial Revolution, but that high-tech sound you can hear is the Fourth Industrial Revolution coming to … Read more


Deskless & Digital

A Day in the Life at an Award-Winning Advanced Manufacturing Plant

An award-winning plant demonstrates manufacturing excellence—from continuous improvement and best practices to quality and innovation. Another … Read more

Internet Of Things (IoT): 5 Essential Ways Every Company Should Use It

The Internet of Things (IoT) means everyday objects are now creating data and connecting to the internet. The result is more data – a lot more data. Data we can use in ways we could not have imagined...Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Energy Industry - Science in the News

<i>by Franklin Wolfe</i> <i><br>figures by Franklin Wolfe and Kimia Mavon</i><p>Earlier this year, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the richest man on Earth,...Read more

Future Work

3 Reasons why the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Not the End, But the Beginning of Industry 4.0

The term, “Industry 4.0” has been getting some real publicity lately.  So much publicity in fact, that according to Buzz Sumo analytics, in the past 30 days the keyword has been mentioned across...Read more

An Upstream Digital Solution For the ENERGY INDUSTRY

  “An estimated 13 percent reduction in accidents and injuries can be achieved in the next decade by connecting workers digitally.”— World Economic Forum    Picture this: field workers...Read more

How to Shrink Oil & Gas Non- Productive Time by as much as 80%

Energy market pressures have set off a race among oil and gas industry competitors to improve margins by reducing NPT (Non-Productive Time). Massive efforts are underway to boost process...Read more