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Driving the Digital Factory with Real-Time MES Data

With the push toward a fully digital factory, manufacturing execution systems (MES) software has never been more critical to manufacturers of all … Read more

CIOs And CTOs Must Understand How The Internet Of Things Is Changing How Business Is Done

After a short sabbatical traveling the world looking at interesting technologies and business models, I have decided to return to Moor Insights & Strategy to lead the Internet of Things (IoT)...Read more


Deskless & Digital

Oil, Gas Sector Rides Digital Technology Wave

Challenges and opportunities are plentiful in the digital oil field. Data is scattered across different places, a multitude of software is being used … Read more

US Shale Oil Output Seen Up for Eighth Month at 5.6 Mln bpd -EIA

The U.S. shale production level reportedly would be the highest since record-keeping began in 2007. Read more

Analyst: Technology Gains In US Shale Ramp Up Production, Pressure

Operators are using technologies such as predictive analytics, microseismic and far-field and near-wellbore diverters to pump more proppant for … Read more

Future Work

An Upstream Digital Solution For the ENERGY INDUSTRY

  “An estimated 13 percent reduction in accidents and injuries can be achieved in the next decade by connecting workers digitally.”— World Economic Forum    Picture this: field workers...Read more

How to Shrink Oil & Gas Non- Productive Time by as much as 80%

Energy market pressures have set off a race among oil and gas industry competitors to improve margins by reducing NPT (Non-Productive Time). Massive efforts are underway to boost process...Read more

In Executing Industry 4.0, Machines are Easy... It’s the Humans that are Hard

The Parsable team just returned from presenting and demoing our Mobile Collaboration and Workflow solution at the McKinsey launch of a Digital Capability Center in Chicago. This new center offers...Read more

Food Production Innovation

Why Amazon's Acquisition of Whole Foods Matters for Startupland

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is notable for many reasons. Of course, there’s the magnitude $13.7B. The second is the shockwaves reverberating … Read more

Lidl And Aldi's Aggressive U.S. Invasion Spells Trouble For Supermarkets

A man pushes a shoppping trolley as he arrives at an Aldi supermarket store in London on September 26, 2016. (DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)<p>The discount German supermarket chain Lidl...Read more