[eBook] The Factory of the Future Isn't What You Expect

The CPG Factory of the Future Isn’t What You Expect

Predictions are that this digital transformation of manufacturing will have an impact similar in magnitude to the first industrial revolution. Will it come true? 
17-minute read]

The CPG factory of the future is NOT what you might expect it to be. It's better. Far from dark, these plants are ablaze with machine-assisted human intelligence driving unprecedented process improvements and product innovations.

Manufacturers who simply digitize existing processes by replacing human workers with sensors and robots are missing out on the heart of Industry 4.0 — the opportunity to remake your processes so that they’re not just digital, but better in every way. It’s about augmenting humans and machines.

Download our forward-thinking eBook, The CPG Factory of the Future Isn't What You Expectand travel in time to see:

  • An in-depth tour of a successful CPG factory in 2029
  • What's different from now
  • What you can do in 2019 to get there

Check out this resource for our take on 2029. Here's to your future!

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